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What is best way to deploy the 360° appraisal? A pilot project

Le meilleur moyen de déployer les 360°

Feedback is an essential element in the development of any organisation and its staff. The 360° appraisal is a tool to help us question and become aware of our strengths and weaknesses at a personal and organisational level and therefore grow.

Deploying a 360-degree feedback

Any approach of this type must be done in a climate of openness and trustand it is for this reason that the exemplary nature of management in this approach is a key success factor in developing a culture of feedback over the long term. This is how in collaboration with Qualintra, one of the international energy market leaders is in the process of rolling out the 360° tool by using a skills base adapted to the group’s values.  The project kicked off with a pilot project with the 60 members of the expanded Executive Board.

This project will make it possible to adjust the tool for the rest of the organisation and gradually, over time create a greater opening for smarter coaching programmes and fulfil the expectations of the market and the various stakeholders more effectively.

How to successfully implement a 360° assessment in your company?