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All our partners, consultancy firms and coaching agencies, as well as our freelance coaches, represent a network of more than 400 experts worldwide.

Our partners share our humanist perspective on advice and relationships.


Specialists in framework guidance and management teams for change, Acolis is a network of 10 executive coaches.
With a background in the corporate world, Acolis coaches have a twin anchorage that is both operational (pragmatic) and humanist (this element being at the heart of their activities).

"We appreciate the relevance of Qualintra's tools and the professionalism behind their approach. We like the way their skills complement our own, as well as the shared nature of our moral philosophy in terms of confidentiality and respect for the independence of those being supported."


Carewan by KPMG

"With Qualintra, the concept of partnership is fully realised: over the many projects conducted together, easy and challenging, a seamless collaboration, with the same concern for the quality of deliverables, incorporating the constraints of stakeholders, while knowing to say when something is not possible. A real bond of trust that does not need to be formalized. On a delicate operation on which I solicited them with a short notice, they showed a remarkable responsiveness, showing solidarity with my own commitments to the customer.

I recognise the customer's focus of the whole team, from the beginning to end of the service. Real professionals who by their ethics and quality requirements really make the difference.
The Qualintra team with its professionalism knows how to dose the customer attentiveness with rigor in the method."


Latitude RH

Latitude RH is a consulting company specializing in human and managerial support for the transformation of companies and public or private organizations. Through the mobilization of expertise and skills from more than 20 years of experience and practice, they support their clients in the preparation of simple and efficient implementation of complex operations.


ProMove TM

Through the principle of ‘self-management‘ ProMove TM enables people and companies to shape change processes more successfully and thus make a positive difference in the working environment. Since 1998 they have succeeded in helping over 40,000 people worldwide to address change proactively. Their experience shows that organisations that master change through the principle of ‘self-management‘ are more successful than their competitors.

"Since nearly 20 years, Qualintra provides us with creative and innovative tools that allow us to create real value for our customers."



Talentis is one of the top 3 international executive coaching companies with 70 senior coaches present in 22 countries. Their missions include: preparing future leaders, boosting collective performance and building collaborative cultures, building new leadership cultures, boosting agility and co responsibility, instauring a true culture of trust, engaging people around a true sense of purpose.


Turning Point

Turningpoint is an international consultancy that brings together 150 senior coaches specialized in the development of personal and collective executive leadership. They focus on teams and their organization, particularly during periods of strategic transition.
Our mission is to enhance each manager’s impact in terms of change leadership, entrepreneurial skills, creativity, vision, decision-making, influence and ecosystem understanding, among other things. We aim to support and strengthen change in companies’ leadership cultures.

"Qualintra is our partner of choice because its vast experience enables us to build tailor-made 360° solutions that reflect our customers’ leadership model. Their online platform offers a clear interpretation of results with a real data analysis. This in turn helps our coaches and gives our participants added value."



Vivacci is a company specialized in supporting individual and collective changes and the development of managers and executives.
Vivacci proposes devices combining the Coaching, Training and Consulting approaches and proposing different modalities such as individual coaching, team coaching, exchange of practices, co-development, 360 ° development, mentoring and seminar. training in coaching mode (HR Leadership, Expert Leadership, Leadership of experienced managers, Leadership in Diversity, ...).


« Their online platform offers a clear interpretation of results with a real data analysis. This in turn helps our coaches and gives our participants added value »

360° Interactive Édouard de La Moissonnière
Co-founder and partner - TurningPoint
«Look inside, see what’s next»