A competitive answer to your feedback needs


For repeat surveys that you largely manage yourself with our platform. Powerful results analysis. Support from our team of experts when you need it.


You benefit from the experience of our consultants and our platform to identify and implement key actions to develop the commitment of your employees.


Fine adaptation to your needs and challenges. You can concentrate on the essentials. Your survey provides a management tool at all levels of your organisation.

Swiss DNA

Absolute respect of the rules of confidentiality, data security and ethics as well as the GDPR.

Robust methodology

The survey models developed by Qualintra are based on 20 years of R&D and analysis of results from hundreds of surveys worldwide.

At your own pace

In a world in constant acceleration, measurement methods must be adapted to your context and to the population concerned: flash, pulse and/or global survey.

Measure only what you need

More than 100 questions available (closed and open-ended) to build your questionnaire: engagement, quality of life at work, transformation, employee experience, etc., according to your needs.

Everything is measurable

Co-create the questionnaire and design your own survey model (engagement, quality of life at work, transformation, integration…).

Here as elsewhere

Questionnaires available in 7 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Brazilian).

Augmented intelligence

Identification of engagement levers specific to your organization (machine learning algorithms). Accelerated action plans and implementation.

An expert at your side

A one-hour coaching session with an expert at the start of the project to help you choose the most effective questions.

A dedicated project manager

Personalised support (choice of demographics, creation of the population data file, communication, monitoring of participation, etc.).

The customer at the center of our priorities

Qualintra’s technical support manages logistical issues as well as understanding, confidentiality or any other aspect, throughout your project.

Competitive pricing

Our goal is to ensure you a rapid return on investment by benefiting from the high optimization of our processes.

A platform with a soul

A synthetic view thanks to the dashboard as well as a detailed view within a complete grid of results (sorting, filters etc. by demographic)
Exportation of results into Excel or Powerpoint.

Relevant advice

High-performance data analysis technologies combined with the expertise of our consultants.
Access to the best practices generated by our platform according to your action priorities (for HR, heads of departments, etc.).

In-depth analysis with complete freedom

As many demographic variables as you want (hierarchical level, department, seniority…).

Beyond the figures

Open-ended questions allow you to enrich your understanding and help interpret the results.
Access to Verbatims

Relevant recommendations

A comprehensive consultant report including analysis by demographic criteria and organizational units, typological analysis, recommendations for action.

Co-design of action plans with General Management

Presentation of results to top management: focus on the strengths of the organization and its development points at the global level and also at the level of all key units/BUs.

Your managers as engagement agents

Develop managerial skills through personalized recommendations to strengthen the engagement of their team. You deploy results and action plans in record time for each team of 6 or more respondents.

Cascading deployment

Each BU or major entity benefits from an analysis report with concrete actions.

Buy in of your key populations

Analysis of the engagement of key populations (e.g. high potentials, talents, experts…), identification of risks and opportunities. Prioritization of actions to be taken.

Tailor-made support

Workshop, webinar or face-to-face debriefing with each manager of the main units. Identification of development areas and concrete actions to be implemented.



Customized Generic


Design of competency framework

Design of customized questionnaire

Choice among 6 generic questionnaires

Adaptation based on a generic questionnaire

Feedback website/tool with customized content

Client logo

Customized email content

Choice of respondent categories

Choice of languages

Project management from setup to report delivery




Beneficiary inserts respondents on the tool

Respondent data management by Qualintra

Beneficiary manages participation and follow-up

Qualintra manages participation of beneficiaries

Qualintra manages participation of respondents

Individual feedback report

Dynamic results accessible online

Multilingual hotline

Price adapted to volume

Full 360° experience

* (upon quote cf. volume / complexity)

Integrating additional languages on tool*

Translations of content*

Individual feedback report with tips/advice*

Interactive results with tips/advice*

Debriefing by Qualintra consultant

Training the trainer for internal debriefings by HR*

Training external coaches for debriefing

Group report – analysis of a given population*

Presentation of group results to Management*

Individual syntheses*

Analysis and summary of open comments*

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