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How will your employees follow your transformations?

Comment vos collaborateurs vont-ils vous suivre dans les transformations

Recent events cruelly remind us of the growing separation between our elites and citizens, who live in uncertainty and in an increasingly harsh reality. It is the same in most large companies, in which the technocratic discourse no longer holds with employees who are less and less committed.

We have been measuring the level of employee engagement over the last 15 years and we have never seen such a gap between top management and employees.

The comparison with current events is striking: many are aware that we must transform to survive future shocks (hyper competition, digitalisation etc. …) but after 10 years of crises and renunciations, how to convince them that more efforts are needed? 

How to “engage” our employees in the necessary transformations?

In June 2018, we scientifically determined the main factors that influence the engagement of employees and middle managers in France. By prioritising your actions on these factors, you will greatly improve your chances to be followed in the transformation.

The first 4 factors of employee engagement in France in 2018

Professional prospects: remaining employable by developing skills on a daily basis but also through adequate training. In a country with massive unemployment it is not surprising that this factor comes first. Your employees want to be able to work. By allowing them to develop their employability, you significantly strengthen their commitment.

Non-financial recognition: your employees have an immense need for recognition, both from far too distant top management, but also from their direct managers. Closer management, managers who are more attentive, giving and receiving feedback, can act quickly on this second factor.

Innovation: this factor is new in the commitment and emphasises the importance given by employees to innovation, which helps to guarantee employability and employment. It is also a message to top management: your employees are not resistant to innovation and expect you to take the risks necessary for its development.

Customer Focus: this factor is tied to pride in the products and services delivered to customers. In a difficult economic environment, this attention to the customer is also a key to developing employment and employability.

The first 4 factors of managerial engagement in France 2018

1stand 3rdfactors: confidence in leadership and adherence to the values and strategy.

Managers cannot be hired if they do not trust the proposed project and the team that carries it. Technocratic discourse is deadly for the engagement of middle managers: they must want, tell a common destiny, an ambition which – even in adversity – federates. Otherwise the chasm with top management will not stop widening, and the necessary transformations will be made with managers who are disengaged or will not be made at all. A perfect recipe for future disasters.

Lastly, recognition and career prospects come in 2nd and 4th place for middle managers.

The paths to develop engagement are clear and positive because they unite us in the face of adversity, allow us to tell a common story and forge the successes of tomorrow.

The priority is to develop authentic, innovative and inspiring leadership on the one hand, and on the other hand to get closer to the teams – whatever the size of the company – to listen to them and build a feedback culture that promotes proactivity and collective commitment.

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