organizational complexity


“Because you are developing in an already complex environment, you cannot afford to add more complexity to your organization. We help our clients to restore cooperation and clarity between functions and departments. We help support functions in particular to be agents of change, by measuring and improving their contribution to their clients.”

Improve cooperation

Lack of cooperation has a direct cost: missed commercial opportunities, specifications not respected in terms of cost, quality, deadlines etc. It also has an indirect cost of absenteeism, disengagement, turnover, etc.

We help companies to identify the extent of cooperation and its impact on staff engagement. Our surveys pinpoint the nature of perceived transversality and propose action plans which will have short and medium-term impact.

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Highlight and explain

Complexity often goes hand in hand with a lack of clarity. Strategic vision, easily seen from the top of the organization, becomes less visible for employees. The meaning of collective and individual endeavors and contributions get clouded. We have seen that this lack of meaning and clarity creates great uncertainty for employees and weighs heavy on their engagement. With the data from our 360° surveys and evaluations, we highlight the situation and focus actions and communications towards what will give the most meaning to employees. We make the figures talk, to help you to understand their significance and to make them into decision-making tools for you.


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Optimize and improve the contribution of support functions

Support functions and shared services play a more and more critical role which often requires internal improvements. This role can be seen as paradoxical by teams and their internal clients: as the guardians of processes and rules, they must ensure that transversality is preserved and that central decisions are respected on the field. As for their users’ service, they must also ensure that they meet their local needs. These potential contradictions require explanation and contributions must be valued more highly. We help our clients to build the indicators needed to express the contribution that has been made, used as genuine scales of internal service quality and recognised by all involved.


Business excellence

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