innovative and empathetic leadership


Develop innovative leadership

“Being a leader within complexity. This means making decisions when faced with uncertainty, engaging (more and more often at a distance) teams in the change, showing resilience and operational dexterity, having a passion for clients, and a lot more. We help our clients to identify and develop the skills which will facilitate change.”

Mastering complexity

In a complex environment, being a long-term leader requires specific skills. Diversity within teams to manage, the circulation of information and market uncertainty all demand the mastery of critical skills such as empathy, resilience, assertiveness, creative imagination and others. We help companies to measure managers’ skills and develop them in order to make them more efficient within complexity.

360 Feedback

Leadership – Drawing on customized tools

The skills that lead to long-term, shared success draw largely on values and culture. The tools that are used to measure and develop skills must therefore reflect these specifics. We build customized tools for our clients (frameworks, 360 degree feedback, for example) in order to guarantee that the skills that will be sought after and developed within each workforce (directors, managers, experts, prodigies etc.) are adapted to their DNA and no one else’s.

Manage skills on a collective playing field

Development programs for key populations represent an important investment whose return must be monitored with care. The consolidation of 360° Feedbacks and their analysis provide a powerful tool to monitor development initiatives. The highly advanced statistical analyses (split into segments such as population, skills etc.) that we deliver to our clients help them to direct and enrich the nature and content of their programs, thus guaranteeing a better return on investment.

White paper : The 4th industrial Revolution
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