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We help you to energize your organization. By measuring the level of engagement, we give you a rapid insight into the energy levels of your teams and the measures to implement in order to improve them in the long-term.

Energize your organization – Employee engagement survey

We know that in a more and more complex professional world (remote teams, digitalization, matrix structures etc.), employee engagement is put to a severe test. Yet the level of engagement has a direct influence on economic performance, whether it be the quality of service offered to clients, the level of absenteeism or the loyalty of employees. We help companies to measure engagement levels and to identify which drivers to act on in order to redynamize the teams and to re-enchant employees.

Employee engagement survey

“Engagement is also the energy available for change. If energy and thus engagement is raised then your chances of success when implementing change will greatly increase.


Engage key populations in the long-term

The engagement of key populations (top and middle managers, prodigies, experts) has become a challenge for all enterprises. In a turbulent professional environment they are confronted with issues of confidence in strategy and managerial teams, of sticking to the strategy and values, of autonomy and professional development. Our Talent Drive tool helps general directors to focus their mobilization efforts on their talents, to measure their engagement levels and to rapidly implement action plans that improve this.



Talent drive

Make large-scale organizational change happen

The success of an integration, merger or acquisition draws on teams’ ability to harmoniously and durably integrate different teams who – in certain cases – were previously competing. Beyond market, financial and technological matters, teams must rally together around a common goal and give the whole workforce the desire to succeed together.

Our integration scales allow our clients to measure the differences and similarities between the cultures and perceptions of employees of different departments, to indentify prioritary action to engage and measure them over time in order to guarantee success. These issues are often confidential by nature, so to find out more about our integration scales get in contact with us.


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