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Guide your employees

“Everything changes…but do you? Change can hamper the usual paths of professional development. Developing your staff’s mobility and employability also means ensuring the agility and future of your company. Qualintra helps employees to clarify and formalize real professional development projects which carry great value for them and for the company.”

Develop employability

Career management is a major matter for performance and remains the most important factor in employee engagement. Today, professional development can take on many forms, some of which unforeseen by employees and managers. We have developed a “Career Change Check”, an approach which allows employees to evaluate their own level of employability and to engage very quickly plans of action for professional development. This tool also helps the functioning of HR and managers to professionalize their role in steering careers by going faster and being more on-point.

Employability skills

Measuring and monitoring professional efficiency

Being efficient is having the right skills and the ability to implement them. It is also about having the necessary physical and psychological energy, feeling happy in the role, having the right resources and the feeling of autonomy at work. Our engagement questionnaires showcase professional energy, stress and wellbeing at work. They outline factors of professional efficiency, to identify what drives or demotivates them, and to guide actions and human resource policies in this field.


Engagement survey

White paper : The 4th industrial Revolution
How to be prepared for it? 4 key HR directions for success

Based on what we have observed over the last three years, we have identified four key directions for success. Download white paper