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We are proud of what our customers say about us. The strength of our proposals is appreciated, as are our quick reactions, flexibility, guidance and active response.

For more than 19 years, we have been believing and demonstrating that it is the people who make your difference, especially in times of transformation. Our approach is holistic; both scientific and especially human. It aims to understand the benefits of feedback, to accept it and to act quickly accordingly.

Nothing but the best

Look Inside, See what's next

We enable managers and executives to analyze their way of doing things and plan for the future. The transformations that disrupt us (and this is just the start of it) are positive because they force us to make changes to what is no longer working. Our role is simple and is based on humanist values: measuring engagement and critical competencies, and giving you the means to face changes with the energy necessary to guarantee the sustainable development of your projects and of your employees.

Everything revolves around our customers

We adapt our tools and advice to our customers. Our customer service is exceptional, whether we are talking about deployment on a global scale or a team feedback project. We are always by our customers' sides, whatever their situations.

Advice first and foremost

Technology can only be effective when it is combined with a good understanding of the contexts and issues involved. The consulting dimension is an integral part of all our projects in order to avoid misunderstandings, guarantee results, ensure appropriation among our customers and transfer our competencies.

A broad perspective

With the aim of providing a complete service, when they ask us, we do not hesitate to step out of our comfort zone to help our customers find solutions for topics relating to our areas of expertise. Whether it involves communication, HR processes or employer branding, we put our thinking skills and experience at their disposal to save them time.

Platform with a Soul

Our platforms are developed internally, which allows us to convey our beliefs and demonstrate our expertise. The alchemy of feedback involves advice, technology and guidance.

A great story

Qualintra is a rapidly growing Swiss company that is independent and self-financed. Our headquarters are in Geneva and we have an office in Paris. Since 2000, we have been investing constantly to develop our methods and tools so as to better satisfy our customers’ needs.

« I recognise the customer's focus of the whole team, from the beginning to end of the service. Real professionals who by their ethics and quality requirements really make the difference. »

Carewan by KPMG Brigitte Sivan
Associated director
«Look inside, see what’s next»