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Employability skills

Employability – soon to be just an empty shell? A Qualintra study has shown that employees are taking charge less and less over their own careers.

In a world of work that is constantly evolving, managers and employees alike must know how to manage their own future.

The Qualintra employability test is a scientifically and statistically validated tool which helps individuals to (re)gain control over their carreer.

More than just a tool, the Qualintra employability test draws upon a personal assessment conducted online.

The process involves a personal interview with a certified coach, in order to get the full extent of the often “existential” teachings that result from it. If this is necessary, 4 to 6 coaching sessions may be in order.

The questionnaire exists in two formats: Career Change Check for persons in employment and Employability Change Check for persons applying for employment. It is available in French, German, English and Italian.

Who is this approach aimed at?

To people in employment, with the goal of giving them – at critical times – the means to take charge of their own career, optimize the use of their personal resources and reap long-term personal success.

To businesses, in order to expand certain key management and human resource development processes, with the aim of fostering trust and talent within the workforce.

To individuals and groups faced with a period of career reorientation, in companies and markets alike.


What does the Qualintra employability test measure?

The tool measures 14 indicators which make up career success, especially the ability to pursue a goal, in tandem with the resources and motives, and the ability to improve on skills to meet the real demands of a given market. It highlights the energy available but more so the difficulties between factors which could prevent individuals showing potential from flourishing in their career – and therefore in life.

The assessment is put into perspective with how the individual lives professional life today: satisfaction at work (based on involvement and relationships) and prospects on changes to come within the business and profession.

Develop employability skills / guide your employees


Certification for the Qualintra employability test

You can take the Qualintra employability test via a certified coach. You can also get yourself certified to use this approach and this tool when you need. Training and practice on 10 real situations are the prerequisites for the certification. Certifications can be obtained within the company or externally.


Employability/mobility test

Guaranteeing your workforce’s internal employability in the long term

“Origin and validation of the model”


Employability Skills

As an expert in Feedback Intelligence™, Qualintra offers the very first employability/mobility test. This tool is an absolute pioneer and is the fruit of years of collaborative research with:

  • The University of Lausanne (Switzerland);
  • PROMOVE company (Switzerland) – a consulting firm that specialises in mobility.
  • Drawing on:
  • research that is relevant to the field;
  • a scientific approach that is rigorous and iterative;
  • conclusive, operative results gained from leading businesses (BMW, Swiss, Roche, France Télévisions etc.).

Qualintra’s employability/mobility test is fully reliable.


After the questionnaire, a report details the person’s employability characteristics and provides paths for development. An hour-long session with a coach gets to grips with the results in terms of behavioural change.

Qualintra Partners:

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Ambroise Conseil

Employability for Switzerland and Germany

ProMove TM


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