Business excellence

Optimize and improve the contribution of support functions


Business excellence

“Our approach helps your support functions and shared services to measure the value delivered to their internal clients as well as the efficiency of cooperation with other functions. (We also work with a number of academic establishments in the evaluation of their teaching staff’s teaching quality).”

Qualintra has created “Business Excellence”, which is a set of feedback tools adapted to each organization. The results, which are analyzed and annotated by Qualintra, give support function directors a clear vision of the impact of their actions over time.

“Business Excellence” identifies action to take that is essential in improving the impact of functions and therefore long-term company performance.

By measuring the gap between the results and the company’s needs, Business Excellence clarifies each internal client’s expectations and puts together relevant specifications, so that the client ends up being viewed as a genuine Business Partner.

Improve cooperation

Our engagement surveys measure cooperation levels and their drivers. For example, is not enough information being exchanged between two departments or are there issues within certain teams? Are responsibilities not entirely clear or perhaps management is having trouble expressing confidence in its team? Is there a lack of team spirit or common goals?

Drawing on our results’ figures, we help directors to implement strategies that improve cooperation and in particular intermediary management skills in order to promote transversality. We help them in establishing a culture of teamwork and transversality.

Engagement survey

Give meaning to your work

Our feedback will never sit on a shelf collecting dust and will assist you in your strategic decision-making.

Engagement survey

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