Service Center


Platform and technologies

Since 2000 Qualintra has been developing its own Feedback technologies, which means that we respond quickly and conduct each project according to our client’s constraints. These important investments in innovative methods and tools for Feedback management allow us to carry out Engagement and 360° Feedback projects adapted to every one of our clients across the world, at the same price as standard solutions.

At Qualintra, technology is important, but you’ll never hear us talking about it, because what really counts for us is our clients’ experience. That’s why service quality is key for us.

Prioritizing our service to you

Qualintra’s multilingual Service Center is comprised of a team of professionals whose priority it is to always cater to your needs. Every question has its correct response, and every problem has its solution. Qualintra’s Service Center handles all logistics and communications throughout your Feedback project.

We take care of the details, so that you don’t have to

First of all, we implement the tools and communicate with your employees. Throughout the project we deal with all logistics, aid your employees, and we keep in regular contact with you to keep you up to speed with how your project is going, doing everything we can to ensure maximum participation from your employees. Finally, we give you the results and work with you so that these results can be suitably adapted to your situation.

The tools and a platform for reliable 360 Feedback

Qualintra’s Service Center is supported by a team of skilled developers as well as IT tools and Web solutions that have been internally developed and which are among the best on the market. Our tools are regularly adapted to meet the needs of our clients, as quickly as possible.

We are here for you

Your project is the essence of our Service Center’s drive. We always do our best to ensure that your Feedback project with Qualintra runs as smoothly as possible. Our clients have reported back to us that our Service Center is very proactive and responsive, all the while keeping that “human” feel to it.

“We can count on you!” is the feedback we most often receive from our clients.

Rachelle Weber Ogunyinka

Head of our Client Support department

I take care of the launch and management of our 360° Feedback projects as well as surveys in general.

I assist our clients throughout their project with Qualintra. I communicate with your team, HR teams and your employees. I take care of any problems or questions your employees might have and I provide all the assistance you may require.

I work mostly as the bridge between Qualintra, your company and your employees during your project. I also ensure that our consultants receive the statistics necessary for your project’s final reports.

I am happy to help you and I take personal charge to make sure that your collaboration with Qualintra is an unfaltering success.

Rachelle’s team does a dazzling job of dealing with 10,000 360° Feedbacks per year and between 30 and 50 Engagement surveys, for projects in several languages (up to 16 as of late) throughout the world, and for all types of clients, from SMEs to multinationals.

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