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Engagement Model

Our engagement model is based on our experience of more than 600 surveys. The new model is also the result of an extensive statistical validation of the surveys we have run the last 3 years (comparable sample of 60’000 respondents worldwide).

The result is a very strong and performing model that calculates Intrinsic Engagement (the factors that engage personally the employee) and the key drivers having an influence to Engagement.

We have identified 14 drivers regrouped in 6 categories. Each driver has an influence on engagement and your driver ranking will allow you the focus where you have the most impact.

Intrinsic engagement is evaluaed with 10 questions. Our base model has 60 questions, 10 for the Intrinsing engagement, 50 for the drivers. It can be tailored to your needs with a much shorter version or with the addition of other questions depending on your needs (culture, M&A, transformation, HIPO’s etc).

Our 14 drivers are the following:

  1. Leadership
  2. Values/Strategy
  3. Managerial behavior
  4. Team management
  5. Team
  6. Compensation
  7. Recognition
  8. Organisational efficiency
  9. Client focus
  10. Innovation
  11. Work-life balance
  12. Well being
  13. Development
  14. Professional efficiency  
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