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White paper : The 4th industrial revolution – 4 key HR directions for success

How to be prepared for it? 4 KEY HR DIRECTIONS FOR SUCCESS Summary : Giving a sens of purpose : Which drivers ...


Happiness at work go back to basics

In a complex world and given the difficulty of attracting staff and maintaining their motivation, companies may be tempted to ...


What is best way to deploy the 360° appraisal? A pilot project with the Executive Board

Feedback is an essential element in the development of any organisation and its staff. The 360° appraisal is a tool ...


Widening the interest in 360° feedbacks

360° Feedback is increasingly seen as a major skills development tool. By having a better understanding of other people’s opinions ...


Employee engagement: challenges that digitalisation cannot take up.

It seems that digitalisation divides the HR world in two: on one side the ultra-optimists see the digital revolution as ...


For a strong 360° feedback

The 360° feedback is an investment which may have colossal returns, provided you follow a few simple rules. Let us ...


The false promises of Pulse surveys

The latest fashion for Pulse surveys is not in fact at all new, since its dates back to the 2000s.  ...


The 4 th Industrial Revolution and it’s impact on Engagement and Leadership

Companies must take advantage of this 4th revolution  in order to bring extra added human value to technological breakthroughs by questioning ...


March 15 : Impact of the 4th industrial revolution white paper

We will release our White Paper on march 15th. What are the impact of this new revolution on Engagement, Leadership ...

White paper : The 4th industrial Revolution
How to be prepared for it? 4 key HR directions for success

Based on what we have observed over the last three years, we have identified four key directions for success. Download white paper