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We are specialists in measuring engagement and concrete actions to improve it. Our platform allows you to react very quickly to levers what truly engage your employees.

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An engagement model adapted to real challenges

An engagement model adapted to real challenges

Our engagement model is based on hundreds of surveys. We can detect weak signals and help you make good decisions. More than a survey, it is a predictive management tool.

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A platform with a heart

A platform with a heart

Our platform is unique because it is enriched with advice from our experts as you discover your results. You will not be alone in front of figures sometimes difficult to interpret.

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« When you need to take the pulse of your organization and better understand your employees' needs, there is only one choice : Qualintra ! »

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Appropriate results with a dynamic and detailed view. Identify the key results by demographic: for example, what is the middle managers' commitment to the 2020 strategy.


Your managers get a synthetic view of their teams' engagement so that they can establish an effective action plan that can be put in place quickly. The survey is above all a management tool.

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Advice that makes a difference

Advice that makes a difference

We are recognized for the high value of our recommendations. We support senior management in understanding key issues. Our careful analysis underlines areas for improvement, as well as what makes you unique.

Augmented intelligence

Deep learning, semantic analysis, linkage analysis, etc. We use the latest technologies and add to them our experience in the field.

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The right feedback at the right time

The right feedback at the right time

We can manage any kind of survey for you, from annual and pulse to continuous surveys, no matter what the subject, whether it is engagement, service quality, quality of life at work or mergers & acquisitions. Our experts are there to guide you towards the methods and content that work for you.

Innovation at the service of your employees

Innovation at the service of your employees

We invest 20% of our sales revenue in technological and methodological innovation.

Swiss quality at the right price

We consider our customers’ constraints and know their challenges. Our constant search for efficiency allows us to be very competitive.

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