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Your employees make the difference

Our solutions, methodogies and consulting, aim to measure and guide the human element in organizations and enterprises in order to ensure long-lasting performance.

«Feedback Intelligence» has been going strong for more than 15 years now as a creative approach to long-term value, for multinational corporations and SMEs alike.

Qualintra is a rapidly growing company that is completely independent and self-funded. We are based in Geneva and have offices in Paris.




of our sales come from Europe


of our sales are conducted in English


of our sales come from Large Account clients
(more than 3,000 associates)

Our history

15 years of innovation in feedback services

  • First engagement surveys, formalization of our methodology for measuring engagement and statistical validation of results, in cooperation with the University of Lausanne

  • Measuring change, mergers and acquisitions

  • Measuring employability with the Career Check test, a pioneer on the market

  • Transversal study on factors of engagement. White paper: “What makes people engaged”

  • Engagement Survey methods adapted to SMEs (Agility)

  • Measuring top management's ability to cope when faced with uncertainty (mixed model of engagement and leadership)

  • Cross-measure of engagement and organizational resilience

  • Emergence of new and more efficient engagement models which measure new engagement drivers linked to change and transformation

  • Qualintra dusts off its leadership and 360° Feedback models with major projects aiming to measure key skills linked to change, and complex environments

  • Helping managers to get to grips with the surveys' results thanks to a new platform which helps to formalize action plans

  • In march : White paper on the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on engagement, key competencies and employability
    In june : 360° Feedback 3.0 ....

  • Launch of our new employability test
    Major innovation in the analysis of 360° Feedbacks.
    Major new projects on Engagement and 360° Feedback.

Energized employees

At Qualintra we try to put into practice the advice we give to our clients. We know that our success comes from our employees’ engagement as well as the use of their skills.

What’s more, our consultants, experts, developers and accounts managers know that our work allows others to do theirs under better conditions. 

Qualintra takes up a unique space in the HR services market. We are one of a very rare kind of specialised company in Europe, capable of rolling out innovative Feedback projects with added value, on a global scale, however large the client’s company.

Nothing but the best

Built on 6 pillars


Experts in Feedback

Our motto says it all: Look Inside, See What’s Next…it is by looking into your company’s inner workings that you will be able to see further. Our mission is to help you with this…by respecting your culture and constraints, and of course by making all Feedback projects positive ones, which drive your workforce and your company further.


A privileged partner in complexity and change

We anticipated years ago changes that are currently taking place and we are prepared to help you with analysis and also in taking action. Qualintra is flexible, agile, and innovative, whatever the size of your company, whatever the industry and whatever your history.


A positive vision of the coming world

The changes that shake things up, which are only just beginning, are positive because they will force us to improve what isn’t working.
Our role is simple:

  • to measure engagement and critical skills, and
  • to give you the means to enact change with the energy that is needed
  • in order to guarantee long-term development of your projects and those of your employees…and also those of our own…

And then, of course


The best advice

Our renowned senior and expert consultants offer you adapted approaches, challenge you and guide you throughout your feedback project. Our advice is rapid, relevant and right for your needs.

> You have what is needed to guide and act


The best technology

We develop our feedback tools ourselves. Our solutions, which are based on the “Qualintra Feedback Engine”, allow us to handle all feedback projects, whatever their nature, size, complexity or specifics. And this is across the globe.

> Send and receive feedback with ease, and in complete security


The best service

Our multilingual Service Center takes charge of all your project’s logistics and communications. So you can then focus on what matters most.

> Your project is in the right hands

To ensure you with a locally based service, we work with a Partner network of companies who share our beliefs and values.


White paper : The 4th industrial Revolution
How to be prepared for it? 4 key HR directions for success

Based on what we have observed over the last three years, we have identified four key directions for success. Download white paper