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360° Interactive

An intelligent platform that helps your managers take ownership of their results and develop their critical competencies independently.

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Areas for improvement

The managers can identify their development areas very quickly and receive tips and recommendations adapted to their situation

Gap analysis

In a few seconds a managers identifie their known and hidden forces, their development points and their blind spots.

  • Areas for improvement
  • Gap analysis
Innovation at the service of managerial development

Innovation at the service of managerial development

Each manager can explore the results interactively and benefit from personalized development advice.

A detailed analysis of the feedback received

A detailed analysis of the feedback received

In just a few seconds, a manager can identify recognized and hidden strengths, areas for improvement, and blind spots.

Managers as drivers of their development plan

The SWOT analysis guides them toward actions that will have the largest impact.

Enhanced HR

Enhanced HR

Interactive feedback frees up your resources so that your HR partners can totally fulfill their career-coaching role.

Up to a 84% saving on a 360° debrief*

*customization of the platform to your competency framework.

STANDARD 360° - The interactive platform used with a Qualintra standard questionnaire yields a saving of 77% stating with the 1st 360° compared to a 360° Feedback debriefed by a coach.

360° ADAPTED TO YOUR CONTEXT - Above 25 managers assessed, the cost of the interactive feedback is lower than a debriefing session with a coach. Qualintra’s interactive feedback allows for 360° assessments of large numbers of middle managers and experts.

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« We have been partnering with Qualinra for several years on our various 360° feedback processes. We appreciate their customer orientation and their outstanding capacity to adapt to our needs. It is a very nice team to work with, very agile and reactive which gives us a real comfort in our daily business. »

360° Valérie Migrenne
Société Générale - Global Head of Talent Management and HR Director supervising Group Support Functions
Feedback 360°

Feedback 360°

We create effective feedback solutions that are adapted to your context, culture and industry. Our experience allows us to quickly identify the competences that will make you stand out.

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